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Teach the Faith

 Jesus went throughout Galilee teaching - Matthew 4:23

To develop the understanding of what it means to be the CHURCH:  The People of God at mission:

  • Conduct regular scripture study and discussion groups welcoming the participation of all.
  • Provide opportunities for people to develop an enhanced understanding of the faith through: the distribution of written teaching materials, establishing a theological library and conducting training programs on sacraments and liturgy.
  • Increase our involvement with local schools through Religious education and special services.
  • Further develop the Sunday School, Youth and children's program.


Grow Congregations

Bear fruit and grow in the whole world – Colossians l 1:6.

To grow the understanding of congregations to see themselves as confident, enthusiastic, prayerful, bases of ministry:

  • Advertise services and parish activities in local press, bulletins and brochures at motels, community notice boards, Twitter, Facebook , Internet (Web Site) and provision of visitor cards etc.
  • Welcome, Acceptance, Compassion, Peace and Hope?.
  • Follow up and visit all families who have had children Baptised, newly married couples, bereaved families and lapsed people on the parish roll.
  • Support the ministry to children and young families.
  • Conduct regular Parish luncheons, dinners, Morning and Afternoon Teas
  • Have a meaningful presence in community forums and conduct annual public Christmas Carol service.
  • Develop family friendly services to encourage young families and children.
  • Develop partnerships throughout the Diocese and conduct shared services.


Increase Giving

God loves a cheerful giver - 2 Corinthians 9:7

To be faithful and generous with all that God has given us:

  • Increase giving through growth in congregation.
  • Increase giving through each member raising their contribution each week.
  • Undertake broader fund-raising activities and encourage community involvement.
  • Develop a skills list of those prepared to give of their time and talents.
  • Conduct annual Mission project.


Serving Communities

I am among you as one who serves - Luke 22:27

To demonstrate the compassion of Christ in the communities of the Diocese:

  • Conduct regular Pastoral visiting program to infirm, housebound and elderly.
  • Develop a Prayer network throughout the Parish.
  • Provide emergency food relief for those in need as well as pastoral support.
  • Ensure that our Op Shops are places of welcome and acceptance. 
  • Invite and welcome the needy and underprivileged to parish activities e.g. coffee mornings, luncheons etc.
  • Develop a Parish Brochure for distribution to local businesses, council, hospitals, motels, schools etc.
  • Strengthen the Parish community through encouraging involvement in groups 
    • Scripture study groups.
    • Training programs
  • Provide community Referral Information.